Ahmadinejad advises the ‘Satanic’ US, ‘Gather up Israel’ Leave!

Posted on February 11, 2011 by


What does Ahmadinejad have up his sleeve?
Perhaps a helping of US Incompetence?

Leaves you wondering if the Mulahs know something we do not. And it is evident from our CIA directors knowledge of what is happening in Egypt as of Yesterday, Feb 10, 2011that that is about ZIP ZILCH NULL VOID NOTTA!    After those remarks Mubarak refused to step down.  What do we pay these people for?  So what will become of Israel if Iran has its way in the region?  Already this day we have seen the Military coup take Mubarak out of power.

Ahmadinejad as well as the rest of the Islamic world has called for an end to the “occupation of Al-Quds“.  Even an end to the Jewish race all together in the name of Allah.  This is the coming of a Caliphate across the Middle East the likes of which modern man even through history books could not begin to fathom.

So what happens next?  Not sure anyone can say with any certainty but this most likely will influence eruptions of revolution throughout the rest o the Middle East like a deadly virus.  Personally I do not think these people even know what democracy is.  If they did they would be begging for a REPUBLIC instead.

God help us all!