The ‘Islamic Umma’ protest begin in Saudi Arabia: Revolution?

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Could Saudi Arabia be the next to fall?

According to Reuters a protest was registered with the Saudi leaders hailing for reforms in the Saudi Monarchy.  The request comes from a group of organizers that are calling themselves “Islamic Umma Party” .  As with Egypt and Tunisia a single authoritarian dictator reigns supreme ruler and no meaningful elections are ever held and the people remain repressed and do the bidding of the despot in charge.  So with that knowledge you can tell this is  not some new “political Party.  This is the beginning of the protest in Saudi Arabia.

So what is “Islamic Umma”? It is the Muslim community or people, considered to extend from Mauritania to Pakistan; “moderate Muslims urge the Ummah to reject the terrorism of radical Muslims”. <  That is the official definition.  Lets look at how that holds up to the reality of things going on in the world right now.

Today Islamic Umma is commonly used to define the collective nation of Islamic states.  In this case of protest in Saudi Araba by the Group “Islamic Umma”,  it would tend to lend its self to an ideology of “Umma” or the bringing together of all Islamic countries into one belief, not a Monarchy “tainted with Western decadence”.  The country of Saudi Arabia is a key piece of the Khalifa and must fall from it’s current leadership to ring in a new Islamic Caliphate.  I guess you could say that Islamic Umma is the Muslim way of outwardly professing your faith in Allah through the very strict and narrow guidance of the Koran.

1994 – In a letter to Saudi grand mufti Sheikh Abdel-Aziz Bin Baz, bin Laden wrote: “The legal duty regarding Palestine and our brothers there … is to wage jihad for the sake of God and to motivate our umma to jihad so that Palestine may be completely liberated and returned to Islamic sovereignty.” SOURCE

(Reuters) – Saudi Islamists and opposition activists have launched a political party in a rare challenge to the absolute monarchy, asking King Abdullah for a voice in the Gulf Arab state’s governance, its organizers said Thursday.

But it was more an act of protest than an effective start-up of a political party since Saudi Arabia has no elected parliament and parties and public dissent are banned by the Al Saud monarchy, which rules the world’s No. 1 oil exporting country in alliance with Sunni Muslim clerics.

There have been other attempts to form parties but analysts said the new “Islamic Umma” group appeared to be the first to be revealed publicly. They said members included Islamist intellectuals and lecturers, human rights activists and lawyers.

“You know well what big political development and improvement of freedom and human rights is currently happening in the Islamic world,” the group of ten activists said in a letter to King Abdullah, obtained by Reuters and also posted on their website.

“It’s time to bring this development to the kingdom,” they told the king, who is about 87 and now recuperating in Morocco after medical treatment in the United States.

Islamists and liberals both seek more political freedoms in Saudi Arabia and, while differing on details such as the rights of women, say that reform is their overriding goal. SOURCE :

Here is another source that shows this ‘Islamic Umma’ group in Saudi Arabia is likely to be very dangerous for global stability in the near future.

So only one thing left to do in America.  Hold on to your seats and pray.  What is happening in the Middle east is viral right now and could even erupt onto the streets of America.  With close to 20% REAL un-employment and 99ers being called to riot in the streets by leftist like Francis Fox Piven, its only a matter of time before that first window in Washington DC is broken.  Oh and let me state before it happens. When it does… a fan of the progressive left will be responsible.


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