Disinformation and Propaganda; are the WikiLeaks a LIE? (via Ameristroika)

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This is very amazing information in this blog post. What is to me the most compelling about this story is not so much the fact the Wiklleaks may all be planted garbage and they failed to report the information seen in this video.  They seem instead to work for the ends of the Globalist agenda. But the contents of that video shown in this post are PROFOUND! So I embedded it as well as linking to the story that uses it to make this claim about the Wikileaks being disinformation or LIES. They could in fact be the fuel for unending international False Flags all designed to heard the sheeple.

French Journalist buys Nuclear Warhead in Bulgaria
Vodpod videos no longer available.

WikiLeaks is a LIE All of the cables seem too convenient. They justify every sceptics assertions to a tee. Think about it; Victor Bout, Lockerbie, Spain and their “Green” Socialist Economy taken verbatim out of a Glenn Beck monologue. But they may have blown their cover on the Bulgaria cables released a few hours ago. I gathered my old school team on a conference call; Tim (private security contractor), and Avery Krause (expert counterfeiter) So much is wrong. Glen … Read More

via Ameristroika