Umma Party Equals Instant Caliphate (via Ameristroika)

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Caliphate, Khalifa, Islamic Ummah. Its on its way and its not going to be a nice thing to be a Christian in any country. Once the Muslim Brotherhood has its hands around the neck of freedom its GAME OVER.

Umma Party Equals Instant Caliphate The Islamic Umma Party (Islamic Nation Party) was formed yesterday, officially, by ten Saudis. And that is all you would ever know if you relied on our media. (Note- “Umma” and “Omma” are the same) First of all the site is not a Saudi site. Its registered in Jordan. It was created by Plex Plus, also in Jordan, and run by Dr. Khaled Abu El Ethem. (I believe this is the same person that works at Amman Arab University in the Bus … Read More

via Ameristroika