Elementary and High School Students March in Militant Union Protest in Madison Wisconsin

Posted on February 16, 2011 by


Schools and Unions should not mix.

Here we have Wisconsin’s very own Joel Rogers of COWS and the Apollo Alliance also of Glenn Becks Crime Inc.  He formed the Marxist ‘New Party’ and here he is, calling for Unions to be integrated directly into our ‘Government School classrooms’. Sounds like something Bill Ayers would try to do. But I guess any progressive Marxist would want the same thing. It seems it took a Community Organizer to help push his wish into fruition.
This is setting a dangerous precedent. He may have only said it in a speech but we can see it was taken very literally by someone listening to his diatribe. Keep in mind this is the same guy that helped to bring Cap and Trade system upfront. He works with Van Jones and is also tied to many of the same institutions as George Soros.

But we have our own president, Barak Hussien Obama suttly inciting the youth, in ‘America’ to rise up for liberation. It is their generation that did this in Egypt and we are in such great admiration of how they brought democracy to Egypt. I mean martial law and the suspension of any civil rights and the outright suspension Egypt’s Constitution.

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