From Cairo to Madison; the virus hits Ohio!

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Labor Unions; The Exterminators of Capitalism and Freedom in America

So the revolution fever is real America and it does not really matter what the left are angry about.  Facts and reason no longer apply in civil discourse with these Progressive Marxist that run the Unions.  The leftist and the anarchist are both out to topple America and Capitalism.  These “Useful Idiot’s” think the value of life will be worth more with Socialism and fascism?  Think again.  The road to Socialism leave millions murdered.  You will see it happen in your lifetime in America if we do not shut down these dangerous Unions and jail the leaders for subversion.  Many of them openly admit they want to overthrow Capitalism.  Well that in its self is Treason, plain and simple.

Unions  actually no longer represent the workers or Freedom.  They are actually breeding grounds for radicalism and in almost every case more greedy and much more corrupt than the corporations they claim to defend the workers from.