Obama’s Madison Strategy? “If they bring a knife to the fight, you bring a gun!”

Posted on February 19, 2011 by


An add found on Craigslist.org calls for Union Swine to bloody the Tea Partiers in the Madison counter protest today. It also refers to assisting with the Egyptian revolution that recently took place.

Barry, your from Chicago, home of  organized criminal politics, can you tell us how to fight off these … Uh..uhhhh…now whats that homophobic term we hypocrite libs like to use to make the Conservatives look nasty?  You know… it describes those gay people we Libs CLAIM to like, yeah the ones that will vote for our progressive democrat candidate without questioning reality.  Now what is that word?…dang it….uhhh… Oh yeah.  TeaBagger!!!!!  How could I forget, even POTUS uses it!


Lock and Load B-Yotch, My Union thugs will see you die of Lead poison

Oh I get it, Barry your a sneaky one!   This was one of your teachable moments right? I think so, from the looks of that craigslist ad your students are really absorbing your class materials.  I certainly hope your are proud of them sir.  You were a constitutional Scholar at Harvard right.  Boy you sure taught these followers well.