Double Murder exposes ‘CIA’ and ‘Xe Services’ running covert war in Pakistan

Posted on February 24, 2011 by


Do you still trust everyone in your government? What about the ‘State Run Media?  They knew about this story and opted to withhold it from you?  Is this a Conspiracy?  Whats the Theory?

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You “Conspiracy Theory NAY SAYERS” keep this story in mind as we continue to expose who Obama really is. Do remember Operation Northwoods, what about the recent Guatemala Syphilis story, The Tuskegee Experiment?  I prefer to call a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ what it really is.  An investigation backed with the facts!  It is really hard to refute a conspiracy theory when you present the other sides documents that prove your theory to be factual and true.  If you can get past the childish name calling you will endure for exposing the truth in places most people would dare not look!