In Sarah Palin’s name, Rush makes the case for TREASON

Posted on February 24, 2011 by


The Sargent at arms
should arrest Obama today

Even the hard core left, if they have any semblance of a  soul at all would have to agree with his assertions. But, in order to do this they would have to get past the extreme HATE they have for Palin to see these truths.

Hope you enjoyed this.  Rush laid out everything in a mirror for the left to see.  Now we must ask our House and our Senate, who in this leadership will indict Obama for waging war against the States?

NOTE TO THE PROGRESSIVES : When the right, (called the right because we are) takes over and actually provides LEADERSHIP in 2012, the Deceoptocrats will learn what ‘deem and pass’ and ‘the slaughter rule’ can really do.

Reconcile that!

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