Unions organize with Marxist youth group ‘FIST’ to keep high school students marching against the Wisconsin Leadership

Posted on February 25, 2011 by


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So who is Workers World Party?
And do they have your kids brainwashed yet?

This next screen capture is from the FIST websites front page. I wonder if these kids actually know who Che is and how many people he murdered in his democratic revolution with Castro in Cuba.
Useful idiots!

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I wonder how many of these children lost a relative in WWII or the Korean war defending America aginst this Socialism and Communism. It is now the new master they have decided to feed.  Casting aside Free Markets and Capitalism, the things that helped make America exceptional. Now  a new Communism is hovering over the USA like a smothering rag, one soaked with the blood of millions of humans that fought for freedom and lost their lives in the process.  Those brave souls that gave their lives so these Useful Idiots may become lazy and forget history, forget family, forget dignity, forget self worth and bow to the almighty state. What a crying shame. May God help us all.