Atlanta Pro-Abortion Marchers Advocate a Voice for Everyone! except the baby.

Posted on February 27, 2011 by


I was walking back to my truck to go home from the Feb 26 2011 Teaparty Union-Busting rally against the Anti-Government, Anti-American, greedy public sector union protesters when I had to abort my forward motion and step aside to watch this band of useful Margret Sanger Eugenics agents storm past me on the way to the next murder of a voiceless baby.  Well I guess so.  After all Obama put it best when describing what he would want for his daughters.  God forbid they be ‘punished with a child’.

Oh, and is that your priest marching in this rally?  If he was mine I would make it known his stance on making sure EVERYONE gets a voice so that all the members of his congregation understand his beliefs are not those of Gods.  Gods beliefs ‘I think’ would include a babies voice also.  But I am sure he to like Obama would not want to punish anyone with a precious human life.