NOAA Scientist: Reducing population is the “master variable”

Posted on March 1, 2011 by


John Miller, NOAA scientist, speaking at 350 climate change rally
The Denver statehouse, Oct. 24, 2009

TRANSCRIPT: I would be remiss as a scientist who studies this if I did not mention the following two things.   The first thing is that most importantly we need to do as a society in this country and globally, were ever we can, reduce population.  It’s the “MASTER VARIABLE” that controls everything.

And what I mean by this is not just in the developing world where it is a know fact that empowering women has been a proven strategy to make healthier, wealthier and smaller families.

But additionally and especially in our country and other developed countries, we have a population problem. Because our per capita emissions are higher than anybody.  Yet we continue to have, and this is true in every industrialized lots of tax benefits, encouragements to have more and more.  Our whole economic philosophy is based on growth, and the growth of our population and this madness has to end!

And here is someones plan
to actually control the population…..

So you be the judge now. This stuff is real.  So is population growth.  What are the ramifications of following a plan like this?  What are the ramifications if nothing happens.  Personally I have no answers to this one.  So I leave it as “Food for Thought”.