Mr. Beck, I ask Boldly sir. Please show me the MERIT in attacking Charlie Sheen?

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This started out to be a simple post on a FaceBook, (FascistBook) wall on Jeffrey Fishers Facebook wall page. I got to a point I felt was sufficient and went to post and it told me I was long winded. My editorial was over 1000 chars. Woot! So I had to bring this here to my blog instead. I need to preface things a bit now though since this is a bit more public.

First of all I am a Glenn Beck radio and tv audience member. I’ve been watching him since CNN and listening for about two years now. I do in fact do my own research. That bears its own witness in the fact that Glenn Beck has re used material I re discovered on the internet or books and magazines or in the lenses of my own video Cameras. (Even the video in the upper right corner of my blog was Becked back in April of 2010).  Below ‘block-quoted’ is the message I was going to post on Jeffy Fishers Wall.  I did not edit any portion since the post attempt failed and posting it here.

Jeffy I am having a hard time putting this together. Please see if you or Pat or Glenn or Stu can help me figure this one out. I am really working hard on my MERIT badge. Heck I am still working on Glenn’s 40 days and 40 nights exercise. Here is where I am getting stuck though. Charlie Sheen.

In Glenn’s quest to to promote Honor Faith Hope Love Charity how does bashing Charlie Sheen fit in? I really do not give a rats behind about Charlie Sheen and frankly have never watched a single episode of half a network or half a man or what ever it is called. I am too busy looking for the dirt that will help our republic bury permanently those progressive influenced policies that are actively trying to prevent Faith Hope Love Charity and Forgiveness, (not to be confused with tolerance) from spreading.

You, Glenn, Pat and Stu all really need to step back a moment and examine Mr. Becks past. Look at how Pat assisted Glenn in his time of need. Was it through public ridicule or did he offer a hand. Charity, Hope. What did Pat give Glenn then?

Ask Keith Ablo if Glenn’s piling on of Charlie Sheen with the rest of the media is aiding Glenn’s message or harming it. Charlie is not a political foe. He may be creating a layer of harmful culture that is eroding our republic but that is where Charity comes in. Don’t attack Sheen, offer aid.

Greg Hedgepath

In Closing this story, I really do hope that this matter is publicaly addressed by Mr. Beck and explained for those of us that understand ‘7’ does not fit everyone and that MERIT is earned but not through bashing another human that needs charity and hope instead.