The Outside Agitator; Saul Alinsky explains Community Organizing.

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Feeding Obama’s Roots

Saul Alinsky explains that you must be an outsider in order to be a community organizer.

That explains the absence of Obama’s early legacy items, school writings, term papers, Occidental or Harvard thesis papers even the lack of any home videos.  So who is this man that we call President Obama?   No signs of childhood girlfriends or playmates seem to want to come forward or be known by the rest of America.  What we do have is records of all his years under the toutaledge of Frank Marshal Davis.  Oh, and a “Birth Certificate RECEIPT” that has been presented as the actual and final doc we will be allowed to gaze upon.

Obama’s absence from so many things seems to be the blueprint for success as an “Outside Agitator”.  So at least we can confirm Obama is duly qualified as a Community Organizer.  Give it another year and he will also be confirmed as the Capitalism Destroyer that he is.

See what they have done with Saul Alinsky’s teachings.

The source of the Alinsky video is from original audio tapes created on the request of Tom Guadette’s son John.