SHOCK & AWE! China grows military budget by 12.7% from last year

Posted on March 4, 2011 by


Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Click screen shot to read rest of this story on China Daily... and wetting yourself, 12.7%? Why?

Leaves you kind of of wondering what a country with a population of 1,334,655,000 souls needs with a large defensive military.  Unless this new spending is not ‘defensive’ at all.  Think about it in those terms.

Did you know  that you and I are paying for all of this new Chinese military spending?  Thats right!  The interest alone on the money the Federal Government has borrowed to service Obama’s socialist agenda while under the fiduciary reigns of his Treasury Secretary, ‘Tax Cheat Tim Gietner’ will fund the Chinese Military at its current rate, pay for this 12.7%  increase and still have plenty left over to re-entomb thier precious Mao a thousand times over!  Perhaps even make some new Christmas tree ornaments with his face embellished next to Obama’s.

And all this to be used against our own soldieries if the time comes.  It is like hiring a hit man to kill yourself.