White House considers draining America’s Strategic Oil Reserves to further hide inflation

Posted on March 6, 2011 by


Tap here tap now?
Is this Obama’s frail response to Americas contrived Energy Crisis? Or is it all part of his Agenda to Fundamentally Transform America?

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Why is the Obama administration not issuing more offshore permits? Why are we not opening up more land leases in areas of America already proven to host huge oil reserves. Why is it not public knowledge that oil is NOT A FOSSIL FUEL. America, we can no longer sit back-end continue to eat this ‘Green Crap‘ we are being feed by the leftist that seem to be running the show now.  Owners of oil rigs and derricks need to take this matter into their own hands.  Fire up your rigs drop those drill heads down and start cranking.  DRILL HERE DRILL NOW! To HELL with Obama’s unjust Executive demands.

This is not Madison Wisconsin where democracy means the unions must prevail regardless of financial reality.  Walker was voted into office precisely to deal with these problems and he is doing what his constituency has asked him to do.  Just like with Obama’s unjust executive demands on our energy sector.  This to has been ruled on already!  Obama’s orders have been overturned by one Federal Judge after another.

So I say to you that have invested your lives in the oil rigs, DRILL DRILL DRILL!.  Look at what the Obama administration has done to further this transformative agenda with out legal authorization.  Is it not obvious that this is all be design.  Can it not be seen that this is capitulation to Green Energy before it is ready?  The Obama administration has been served multiple injunctions demanding Salazar to lift the moratorium on off shore drilling and issue permits again.  Obama has been told to overturn an illegal Heath Care mandate he and his socialist party put on the free citizens of the United States.  The Obama administration has done what they want to do with each of these rulings.  They continue to force their illegal offshore drilling moratorium on the oil industry.  Yeah Ok I conceded they gave one permit out… but to BP! You have to ask, of all the companies why did Salazar issue the first permit to BP?  They continue to offer waivers to States and companies for the unconstitutional HealthCare law further showing its weakness and pointing out it is nothing more than a way to control people not take care of their health.

This administration continues instituting its dictatorial demands on the citizenship with no regard of what is constitutional law.  They are in a war on the states if you would.  That my friend is the definition of Treason.

Since Obama took office his administration has played with the way the already cooked numbers fall out to show the state of the nation in his own terms, not those based in reality.

That’s one. And then another proposal they make is to — sorry — to change the cost of living index. Every year, you know, you hear about seniors getting their benefits adjusted upward according to inflation. That would still happen, but at a slower rate. They would use a new formula to calculate inflation. It’s — some people say it’s a more accurate reflection of inflation. Others say it’s a less generous one. Source : CNN

The actual inflation percentages have been changed as a result of a change in items removed from the inflation index by Obama like oil and food are no longer part of the criteria looked at when the administration considers what the true inflation numbers are. Jobs numbers for both growth and unemployment have been altered. Obama changed the way that poverty is determined in America, so we have a new poverty line formula thus putting more Americans on Food Stamps further enriching JP Morgan.  All this has been done to hide one thing, not from America but from actual thinking Americans. Obama’s agenda is to crash the American Capitalist way of life and FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM us into a Pseudo European Socialist Democracy where corrupt Marxist union leaders and appointed ‘heads State owned industries’ rule over the real workers of America in his progressive utopia where America shares its wealth with the rest of the world as we apologize for being exceptional and gracefully bow to influences of Marxism Socialism and eventually Sharia law.

Obama has already won.

America has been Fundamentally and forever Transformed by this mad man already.  Unless we wake up the rest of the sleeping giant we will not be able to salvage any portion of our great land from this tyrant. Impeachment hearings must be initiated right away before anymore damage to the framework of the constitution can be implemented by the undocumented* Constitutional Lawyer/Traitor known as President Obama.

*undocumented; This refers to the lack of any college transcripts or writings from this phony. Not where he may have been born. His father was British so he is not natural-born anyway and that is already FACT!  Who cares what country he was born in, that became moot with the fathers citizenship!