Armored Personal Carriers moving East through Texas; video recorded 3/7/2011

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Military Equipment being transported.

Videographer: I took this about 40 miles east of Amarillo Texas.

Tanks are moving east.

Sorry for the poor quality, I felt really nervous by the car as other cars were speeding by.

😀 Pause it to look closer.

Remember my article not to long ago about Mobile Fema Camps?  You may want to take a look at that write up I did. It includes videos of Glenn Beck all in the same day talking about how these Fema Camps are real and that his research team cannot disprove them to a total back-flip that very afternoon stating they are all contrived conspiracy.  But look at the governments own documents I have linked to,  and the new arsenal of toys the Military has at its disposal add this video to that thought  and you may find your self doing back-flips as well! And probably not the fun kind.

I have no real information about the military equipment shown in this video.  The videographer has stated what she knows and I included that in the block quotes above.   Keep in mind that without doing a ton more research the speculation on where these are going and why they are needed could be just about anything. I did lookup ittx the owner of the flatbeds and also found this site with lots of photos of military equipment being transported around the area on ITTX flatbeds.  The equipment could be going to be part of the Fema NLE11 on May 11th where they plan to simulate the aftermath of an earthquake from the New Madrid Fault zone.

So be careful in the conclusions you draw from this.  Just be aware this stuff is going on around you and stay vigilant, like the lady that filmed this video.  PAY ATTENTION to your surroundings.  Stay alert, we need more lerts!

Links that make you think; – this is an NLE11 Training Guide pdf

This link is to an RSVP for a Fema Traning Exercise for NLE11