America’s public unions need a wakeup call, British will be getting a ‘Flat Rate’ Pensions!

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Hence Forth!

Iain Duncan Smith; All public union workers pension payments will be issued at a flat rate.

Retirement benefits will be
$226.13 a week for everyone.

We have to send out a clear message across both the welfare and pension systems – you will be better off in work than on benefits, and you will be better off in retirement if you save.”

The Treasury had been concerned by the affordability of the reforms. The proposed flat-rate pension will have to be higher than the pension credit of £132.60 for a single person.

The Department for Work and Pensions hopes the green paper will be published shortly and the reforms in place by 2016.

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State pension ‘to be simplified’

This is exactly what America needs for its State employee unions in order to be fair to the union members and the tax payers. 1st we outlaw the right to participate in Collective Bargaining for anything other than work conditions and wages, nothing else can be reviewed under Collective Bargaining for public unions. Then we give everyone the same pension amount in the end of their career. The result will be that everyone has a surviving wage to live on. Those that actually saved will be better off than those that did not. If you don’t like it, you are free to try and locate another job with a different pension package with an option to not join a union or pay dues of any sort to a labor union.

You may even want to look in the private sector for a job.  It has destructive unions too.  Ones that still allow collective bargaining as a weapon against owners of business that are gracious enough to invest their own money so that they may eb able to employee these ungrateful union members.