USA Today confirms Alex Jones Was Right, Naked Body Scanners emit 10x more radiation than admitted

Posted on March 12, 2011 by


Alex Jones Gets It Right Again!

Alex Jones of has been telling everyone for months on end that an affront to the 4th and 1st amendments called “the Naked Body Scanners” brought to you by cronie capitalism and the UN-Constitutional Patriot Act was frying your body. These scanners are slowly killing Americans with over-exposure to the backscatter radiation.   Jones exposed what appeared to be a radiation leak cover-up in August of 2010.   He has railed against the TSA since its implementation of these scanners hit airport security checkpoints almost 2 years ago.

Jones cranked up the exposer though when the TSA agents under instruction from Obama’s  DHS leader Janet Nobrainatall, illegally started frisking people at the airports with techniques that would land anyone else in prison charged with sexual assault.  These overly aggressive tactics are forced on fliers if they opted out of the Radio-Active Naked Body Scanners.  But many passengers have actually been subjected to both the radiation poisoning as well as being groped by these agents of the STASI.  The problem is with the story below is it leaves many of us wondering what else we are we not being told, Math Mistakes? Come on already!  Well for those of us Americans that after two years of flying almost everyday are concerned about Math Mistakes, thats really reassuring.

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Alex Jones  has continued to catch heat from the main stream media as being some kind of conspiracy theory nut bag.   He most recently garnered national attention when his interview with Charlie Sheen went sideways on his live radio show.  But time and time again Jones gets it right about what is going on that the media is ignoring. Jones’s vigilance on these Scanners however has once again forced this issue to the front of a somewhat respected news rag.  Jones is again vindicated as the evidence he releases continues to get more public scrutiny and investigations are being leveled at those in charge.

Perhaps it is time we all take a closer look at what connecting the dots really is. Since when did a person investigating stuff like this become a conspiracy theorist nut? Remember Woodword and Berinstein? Deepthroat? Would these two be labeled as Conspiracy Theory NutBags these days? Perhaps someone involved with Pulitzer should look closer at the articles on and start finding out which story should actually be the one that gets Alex Jones his award for journalism excellence!

Jones may reach far to connect many of the dots in his theories and he has on occasion been to far off the beaten path for even the seasoned listener to follow his trail of deception and covert operations but overall his message is one of vigilance against tyranny and self sustenance.  Jones has often been called a far left-wing liberal moon-bat  but Jones will tell you he is a stanch Constitutional Libertarian.

Jones often has interviews with Rep. Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano on a regular basis on his radio show.  Both support Jones efforts to uncover tyranny and expose corruption in every corner of government and industry.  Both are also Libertarians.