Laura Flanders GritTV: Who says the revolution won’t be televised?

Posted on March 14, 2011 by



Speaking from Wisconsin, Laura Flanders of GritTV takes it on her own to declare the revolution will be televised. That this is the revolution. The attempt of Public Sector Labor Unions that misrepresent the actual tax paying people of Wisconsin tried to thwart a bill by Governor Scott Walker that had the democrats hung around for may have had an opportunity to debate the issue. However Democrats failed to show up for the work that were hired to do and thus went unheard.

Laura Flanders is among a small but growing group of delusional people that consider themselves Americans. That is their own great deception. Anyone that is for Public Sector unions particularly with the right to collective bargaining over entitlements is not American any longer. That concept is 100% Socialist in nature and about as UN-American as one can get.