RADIATION COVERUP: Radioactive Spent Fuel Rods blown into atmosphere at Fukushima No1 & No3: Where is the press?

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MSM where are you?

How did the MSM miss this?

It seems that spent fuel rods are are stored in the overhead area of the Mark1 version of the Fukushima Reactor buildings. This is supported by the graphic borrowed from NPR website, that was borrowed from www.world-nuclear-news.org. This graphic plainly depicts that this is where these spent rods are stored. 

So lets go back and look at the buildings before and after the blast. If the graphic supplied above is correct and the spent rods are stored where they say they are then where did these RADIOACTIVE RODS  go when these buildings blew up?

What is happened to these rods?   They are not stored in the primary containment vessel so they did in-fact get launched into the sky when the no1 and no3 containment buildings blew up, these rods were in wet storage located ABOVE the CORE not in it.

I hope and pray I am wrong but the stories coming out of Japan already confirm that the spent fuel rods that were on fire in the no 4 building were exposed to a point that would allow a fire to both burn and be extinguished, that one statement of fact confirms that  they are not stored in the core containment area.   So if this is the truth then you can rest assured that these rods in wet storage at Fukushima 1 and 3 went air-born and are now scattered about the area and are emitting radiation on land and in the ocean.

The UN nuclear watchdog was told by Japanese officials that Japan had extinguished a fire at the spent fuel storage pond of its earthquake-stricken reactor, the Vienna-based agency said.

“Japanese authorities have confirmed that the fire at the spent fuel storage pond at the Unit 4 reactor of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was extinguished,” the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said. SOURCE : http://www.jpost.com/International/Article.aspx?id=212200

So now we need to know how many rods are stored in these wet storage ponds. How dangerous are they and what will happen to the ones that got blown into the ocean?  These are dangerous and of course deadly to anyone that gets around them.

So I am just wondering why this is not being reported by the mainstream media?  This is now general knowledge that these are stored where they say they are so it should be a headline story.



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