Allen West’s Call to Action!

Posted on March 20, 2011 by


Allen West speaks at the South Florida 9-12 org’s 2 year anniversary picnic. Insufficient, gutless leaders and their tactics were called out, and standing orders to vote for principled candidates and hold them accountable were reinforced.

And in  a show of typical liberal behavior, “crosshair target” stickers were placed on some cars at this patriotic event, proving still that liberal violent rhetoric is indeed alive and well.  But in an attempt to intimidate conservatives stupid liberals don’t bother to think about that fact that the Right is where 90% of the gun owners are.  So from a smaller liberal demographic they would tend to confess on the face of these actions they indeed provide society with the vast majority of the nut-jobs the fill the wacko-wards called universities as well as the back alleys of America.

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