Obama, Libya and Tyranny, The proverb of the Pot and the Kettle.

Posted on March 20, 2011 by


There will be no mercy,

You will buy ObamaCare!

Obama stands on the porch of his proverbial Glass House and preaches about tyranny. Well this is one Tyrant that should now tyranny when it is visible. The Obama administration has usurped more citizen rights than any other administration combined. Even with the acceleration of the Patriot act and how it can reach and touch ANYONE without a federal judge giving permission with a warrant.

The Obama administration has even used the Civil Rights act of 1964 as a reason to allow abuse of whites in bullying and voter intimidation cases that reach the DOJ for prosecution.  As with Obama’s decision about not enforcing DOMA law’s any longer.  The POTUS just deems laws he does not like unconstitutional and back-doors what he cannot get legislated through regulation.  This is as Mark Levin puts it “Soft Tyranny”.  I however fail to see the soft side.