Terroristic Labor Unions and Treasonous Lawmakers Caught on Tape Plotting to Crash Stock Market

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Americas Gangster Government

Colluding for Socialism

The Obama Cabinet (2009).

The Obama Regime

Now lets watch and see who of these implicated in these tape are Eric Holder’s “People”. They will be the ones to walk away with book deals instead of prison sentences. This is terrorism and it is domestic. Is it the Tea Party? No its Obama’s Party. Its Obama’s buddies. It’s treasonous and needs to be prosecuted. Those involved need to be imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives in a Socialist Countries Prison. Not an American prison!

The discussion in its entirety.

The two videos posted above are not the ones from this original post as
the youtube account was deleted. Sept 26 2014

And here is proof they have already started working the plan.

It is not just a conspiracy.

The plumbers have been caught in the hotel!

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