Arizona Teacher’s Shocking Letter

Posted on March 24, 2011 by


Arizona State Senator Lori Klein

reads a shocking letter from a local teacher.

U.S. taxpayers are funding a Marxist inspired, criminally minded “5th column” within their own public school system.

Sen. Lori Klein reads a letter from an anonymous Glendale, AZ substitute teacher – later revealed to be Tony Hill – which described a class mostly filled with Hispanic students who refuse to say the Pledge, accuse America of stealing Mexican land, calling White Americans racists, and refusing to speak English. The Left in AZ is going ballistic over this, calling it a fraud and saying these kind of kids don’t exist. But many other teachers have testified to these attitudes for years, particularly in Tucson. La Raza and other groups are poisoning the minds of young people, and almost nothing is being done about it. AZ AG Tom Horne is a hero for passing his ethnic studies ban, which attempts to stamp out La Raza studies in the disgraceful Tucson schools. But there is far more that needs to be done.