Us Tells Syria; Take heed of Libya, Egyption style will be a much better outcome.

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  • Middle East protests – Mar-22
  • Insurgents take control of Yemeni city – Mar-24
  • Thousands march as Syria death toll rises – Mar-24
  • Hamas declares Gaza emergency – Mar-24
  • Jerusalem bomb victim identified as British – Mar-24
  • At least four dead in fresh Syria violence – Mar-24

As the US continues to stir the pot in the Middle East the American economy ‘appears’ to be steaming along, that is if Wall Street is all your looking at. Be careful America as what you are seeing in the US Stock Market is all smoke and mirrors, money printed from thin air by the Federal Reserve. Don’t believe what you see. Keep your eye on real inflation. You have to factor in food cost and fuel cost to what the gov tells us is actual inflation. Then watch for the Unions to stir up violence to a fever pitch when laws are passed State after State as the governors and legislators try to gain control of their budgets. All this as we start to see gasoline approach $5.00 a gallon. Oh you better hold on America. This game Obama is playing with Soros and the Deceptocrats of the 111th Congress with our economy is only getting started. Continued unrest is only part of the plan. QE2 was another part. It pushed food cost and other inflationary social issues out of reach of those that live in ’emerging markets’. These things are said to be the actual things creating the unrest and call for regime change country after country. A New World Order.

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