Obama Just shut down the Internet! What do you do?

Posted on March 25, 2011 by


The Internet is down!

A rouge band of armed ‘Labor Union Thugs’ are moving up the street behind your home, they are looking for your home and family. They know what car you drive but are not sure about your house number. They are coming to kill you, your wife and children. Why? Because you posted a blog article exposing bribery in ‘Collective Bargaining’ contract from a local Union office that involves your towns Mayor. They would have gone to jail but your story brought on the second revolution before any arrest could be made.  You need to get help fast but you have NO internet access, no Twitter and all other forms of communication are out. No cell phone service, even the  landlines are not working.

What do you do?

Click the Screenshot to finish informing yourself

Hat tip  Stephen AzPatriot