Police investigate Racist Signs about America’s Gay-Slur-Slinging President

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Obama Kills two birds with one stone.

Obama denigrates millions of straight moral Americans, the Tea Party by calling them a well known homophobic slur, ‘TeaBaggers’.  TeaBagging is were one male partner sucks on the ball bearings of the other male partner.

So for Obama to have used it the way he did is actually a form of hate speech if you want to apply legal labels.  One would think those that are  ‘Real TeaBaggers’, yes the gay crowd, would have been overtly outspoken about this term of endearment that describes what may be their favorite pastime being used instead as a homophobic slur leveled at the enemy of the Progressives.  Yes, the ‘wicked’ Right.  The Right is called ‘The Right‘ because it is right. It is called wicked because libtards are just simple pre-programmed useful idiots, and lastly, the right is called TeaBaggers because those useful idiots simply cannot think of anything else that works with TEA and sounds repugnant.

But once again we have more proof,  that the liberal left is a bunch of hypocritical lying feces.  From the overwhelming support shown from the National Organization of Women for Sarah Palin to the love fest the NAACP has with Herman Cain and Allen West.  The honesty and dignity from the left just never ceases to show that it has no merit, no morals and is based in firmly in the clutches of evil.

Oh and here is the story below that brought the rant above to my keyboard.  I hope you enjoy it too!

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