Camp Lejeune Marines activated for Obama’s War on Libya

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What is The Constitutional Cost of Obama’s Illegal War on Libya?

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CAMP LEJEUNE (WTVD) — Twenty-two hundred Marines and sailors from Camp Lejeune are preparing to deploy off the coast of Libya in northern Africa. They said goodbye to their families Monday afternoon, and they’ll be leaving in the days ahead.

“There’s always in the back of your mind what if, what could happen,” Marine wife Carrie Cochran said.

Cochran, like the other wives, is confident her Marine is prepared for the mission.

“As long as he knows how to do his job and he keeps his concentration going, he can take care of his Marines then he can bring everybody home,” Cochran said.

The 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit was set to deploy to the Mediterranean later this year but that got bumped up once NATO forces launched an air assault on Libya.

The unit is relieving the 26th MEU, which took part in some of the initial assaults. The 22nd is a Marine, air and ground task force. Some are trained for aviation combat, others for ground combat. They can handle evacuations and humanitarian missions too. Source : wtvd

Looks like we may be putting boots on the ground soon. Where is congress? Why have impeachment proceedings not yet started? Why have the de-funding procedures not been voted on for this “Kinetic Military incursion”?  This act of War is much more brazen than anything the other dictator tried when he entered into the war against Saddam in Iraq.  At least Bush told Congress his plans.

The current POTUS has run wild with narcissistic power.  He has destroyed the offshore oil drilling industry in America.  He is destroying our health care innovation. He has divided Americans more than any other leader in this countries history.  Obama has no use for the American Constitution.  He has become the domestic enemy he swore to defend our Constitution from!

What is Americas contingency plan for removing a domestic terrorist that has usurped the highest office in what is left the free world?  Do we even have a plan?  It would seem that with all the war games the Pentagon plays that certainly they have run this scenario as well.

Perhaps it is time this Contingency Plan/War Game was executed again by the Pentagon, but not a drill this time!

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