Main Stream Media Covers Up Socialist Revolution Rally – Chicago, IL

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Socialist Fomenting Anarchy In Chicago Illinois

March 19th, 2011, Annual “Anti-War” March on the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Organized by far left wing radical groups, with a strong socialist “liberation” message throughout the protest.

But wait there is more!

How much has our own government participated in the uprisings? Not just these revolutions in the Middle East but here at home also, Chicago Illinois, Madison Wisconsin.  Think about it.  How complicit is the Obama Administration?  This next video is of Hillary Clinton talking about the youth activist learning how to use social media to create uprisings and congratulating them on the success while encouraging them to persist and do more. The video is originally hosted on the State Departments official blog website.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and if you still do not think this gangster Obama administration is not encouraging most of this chaos in the world, there is this from Defense Secretary Gates this week.

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And this is their idol, the one that has given them the plan for the wholesale demolition of Capitalism.