Judge Napolitano talks to ex-CIA Agent Micheal Scheuer about Obama arming al qeada in Libya

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providing assistance to the rebels and the opposition

Judge Andrew Napolitano  and Micheal Scheuer former head of the Bin Ladin Unit discuss the arming of Islamic rebels in Libya.  In the conversation Scheuer goes on to explain how Obama KNOWS that the rebels in Libya are the same rebels our troops have been fighting in Iraq and in Afghanistan as insurgents and as al qaeda.

Scheuer states that Clinton is not telling the truth about what they know about who the rebels really are.  He says that the Obama administration knows they are Mujahideen.

Google “Libyan Islamic  fighting group

And this next tidbit of news from Reuters shows this may have had much more premeditation than anyone is admitting.  Look at the admitted timeline and actual time since the Tomahawk deficit Cruise Missles started flying!

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The day the war started was March 19 2012

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So 2 weeks ago, 14 days while Congress was still in Washington DC Obama knew he was going to bomb Libya.  Not only was this war contemplated and decided upon prior to congress leaving for the spring break it was planned prior to any UN Resolution or permission from some irrelevant foreign entity, the ‘Arab League’, was even considered.  Since when does the American President take his marching orders from a foreign representative or power?  That’s just it, we never have. Even Obomba had this planned before the UN was summoned by the “people of Libya”.  He did not get the permission from the UN he even provided them with the resolution to give him what he wanted, the Responsibility to Protect act.  This is a bit of fancy anti-American sovereignty busting crap was written by Samantha Power or better known by her husbands name Mrs. Cass Sunstein.

A foreign policy advisor to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has resigned from his campaign and apologised, after calling rival Hillary Clinton a ‘monster’. Source : http://www.rte.ie/news/2008/0307/uselection.html

She is seen in this video taking her lumps of coal for stating what is pretty much excepted as the truth about Hillary, She is a monster, well she is. Of course just like with all good hearted people liberals they have kissed and made up and she is back in the ‘Obomba fold’.

It is past time for hearings of Impeachment.

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