Not a Penny for ObamaCare

Posted on April 5, 2011 by


New Budget ‘Reconciles’ ObamaCare

‘Deems’ it, unfunded!

The latest budget proposal put forth by Rep Paul Ryan ‘Reconciles’ ObamaCare to its grave  by providing no funding for the very unpopular and highly  unconstitutional law that was shoved down Americans throats  by our equally  unconstitutional President  Obama.  That is right, the GOP Budget ‘Slaughters’ ObamaCare.

Now all America has to do is put the pressure on to see to it that this proposal gets passed. America, we have not had a budget for almost 3 years under the Obama Administration. At this point I think the Deceptocrats should be forced to forfeit any say so in what should be seen in a budget bill.

The only thing the Deceptocrats have done is work vigorously to complete the agenda of uber-Socialist George Soros, the sovereignty killing machine known as the United Nations and the Marxist Obama and his leftist thugocracy of loose knit friends and subversives.  They should all be deemed enemies of Freedom and Liberty and as they are the lowest recognizable base for a human being in existence.   All this anti-American repulsive ilk should be sent to Gitmo.

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