Labor Unions demand an end to Democracy and Capitalism in Massachusetts or 1000’s will be murdered.

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Greedy Union Leaders Promise To Kill Thousands.

This is a call for Civil War and must be met with a united force of armed patriots and hot lead, if they start killing Republicans, and they will.  Then we will need to put them down like the rabid dogs they are, ONCE they do start killing in open*.   But the patriots are a patient bunch, we will not strike to early, not before they have already hung themselves out.  We know that the first volley of he Civil War will come from the left perhaps the 2nd 3rd and even the 10th  will before we fight back.  But when the Patriots take back this country from these anti-American Socialist the Scumbags will have no one left to describe what it was like to be a Socialist in America.

This is an out and out spoken  threat to life and liberty.  I am sure that MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR and even Media Matters and Huffington Post will ignore these reports but participate in the rallies, perhaps even acting as sponsors with the head of the Democrat Parties steering committee,  George Soros.

* Socialist have been murdering humans for years with an elite Kill Team called ‘Planned Parent Hood’.
Union leaders  just don’t care if your already born and will put  you down like an infidel at the hands of an  Islamic terrorist if you stand in their way.

Event Description:

The National AFL-CIO, several International Unions and others have called for actions around the country. April 4, 1968 was the day in 1968 when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis where he had gone to support sanitation workers fighting for a voice at work.

Please join the Greater Boston Labor Council, Boston Teachers Union, Jobs and Justice, Massachusetts AFL-CIO, MTA, 1199SEIU, and SEIU State Council to stand in solidarity with workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, New Hampshire and other states fighting corporate politicians seeking to destroy collective bargaining.

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