World Bank; The end of Israel close at hand

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World Bank and United Nations Determine Global Policy

Now with the George Soros, Samantha Power & Barack Obama “Responsibility to Protect act” in place the United Nations can now declare war on any country in the world it deems in need of PROTECTION.  So with the guidance of George Soros in the United Nations this “Responsibility to Protect Act”  will be used as a tool to direct the New World Order and destroy Israel, as well as overturn any Arab country that does not fit into the Soros Mission Statement.  Oh it is coming and its going to be nasty for everyone in the world.

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So when is Congress going to start impeachment hearings on the Traitor and Chef Obama and investigate Soros for his subversive activities and arrest Samantha Power for starting an illegal war? NEVER.   Not so long as the deceptocrats are in control of the Senate and anti-American Socialist in the House of Representatives are still tweaking policy in the United States.

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