OUT OF TOUCH: Georgia Immigration Bill Gutted.

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10.8% un-employment in Georgia

The government thinks Georgians will not work these types of jobs?

I am not sure where these idiots in charge, Republican or Deceptocrat get the idea that Georgians that need work will not fill these jobs.  With the State at 10.8% unemployment. Hell, I’ll work these jobs, I need the extra income and I am not afraid to dig in the dirt, pick produce under a hot sun or serve folks that are dining out. And it would not be the first time either!  I’ve picked veggies all summer long, harvested hay all through my teenage years, I’ve  worked in food service industry almost 10 years… washing dishes sweeping parking lots and eventually they let me serve food! I’ve already done it. I can do it again. I am not to proud and I am sure as hell not as ARROGANT as the States governing body is. I would do any of these jobs again.

Georgia Immigration Bill Gutted? WHY IS ASK?!  I am not ashamed to work Senator, YOU ARE OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY! Georgians that are not ‘Brown’ or Illegally here in the United States will work these jobs when they are made available.

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