Bill Cooper predicted 9/11 three months before it happened. Two months after 9/11 he was dead.

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Things that make you say hmmm…

I saw this video and confirmed its original air date. I am also already aware of the Alex Jones prediction of 9/11 also before it happened as noted in the word prediction. So just like the guy from, I’m on the fence and Here it is for you to decide.  I for one did not think this possible before I meet the underhandedness of the Obama administration.  The more about Obama I learned the more I realized he is Bush just in black face and on UBER-Steriods.  It is not the entire government that has to be evil or criminally  corrupt.  It only takes a few on the inside.  An inside job.

I,m sitting on the fence with this,so I decided to through it out to you guys.  This seems eerily familiar to the Alex Jones prediction of 9/11.So that would make 2 guys who called the event involving Osama before it happened.So two talk show hosts can put it together before it happens,but our government couldn’t?Watch the video before you reply, this show was originally aired in June of 2001.This deserves discussion,how can 2 talk show hosts predict events,that would involve Osama Bin Ladin when our own government couldn’t. If things were that obvious to these guys, than so should the idea that we might have been lied to about 9/11.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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