Obama’s Sister Maya Soetoro’s Long Form Vault Birth Certificate From Indonesia, Has Hawaii COLB Just Like Barack.

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Hey Barry show us your papers!

Why will this MEMIC not come out and just settle this. Does Obama prefer the bickering? One might think that the man who campaigned on transparency and honesty and bringing a broken country together would be eager to clear this up unless he truly has something to hide. It is becoming harder and harder to ignore these inconsistencies with the background of the first truly UN-VETTED President in the world!

Barry Soetoro aka; Barack Obama’s Sister Maya Soetoro, was born to Indonesian businessman Lolo Soetoro and American cultural anthropologist Ann Dunham and half-sister to the Putative 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. While living in Indonesia, she was home schooled by her mother and then attended Islam Jak … Read More

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