Georgia Legislators Approve Toughest Immigration Law in the Nation; Hb87

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Georgia  Stands With Arizona

April 14th 2011 marked a day that Georgia’s elected officials stood firm and did as the citizens demanded when they were elected to office.  Something Must be done about the immigration problem in the State. With HB87 something has been done and Georgia now stands with Arizona in the nation with the to most direct and decisive immigration laws in the land.

Georgia is only a step away as the bill now goes to the governors desk for his signature and it will become the law of the land then.  Next, well if the Socialist in Washington DC  remain true to the hidden agenda of destroying America then  we will see a blast of Obama’s DOJ attorneys flooding the State ready to file law suits and declare war on Georgia’s right to protect its citizens.  This is the same thing they have done to Arizona.  It is tantamount to declaring war on the States in this bloggers opinion, and that is the definition of treason.

Governor Nathen Deal promised to sign a bill similar to SB1070  if the Georgia Legislators could manage to get one to his desk.

“This bill passed out of the Georgia House by a huge margin with bi-partisan support and is supported by the chairman of that body’s Agriculture Committee. Having seen the positive effects of enforcement here in Arizona, I can assure all concerned that HB 87 will serve to greatly reduce the illegal population in Georgia, save budget dollars and protect jobs for American workers in that great state.” Pearce added.

HB 87 is set for the committee process on this, the last full week of the 2011 Georgia General Assembly session. The new governor of Georgia, former Congressman Nathan Deal pledged to support an SB 1070 style law there during the recent campaign.

“I have no doubt that my good friend Governor Deal is anxious to sign Representative Ramsey’s bill into law and that the Georgia Senate is acting enthusiastically to get the widely supported legislation to his desk as soon as possible. It is easy to understand: enforcement works! Source :

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