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Free Gas….. if you Qualify for Welfare!

Yeppers! You read that right.  Now not only is Obama making sure that everyone gets on Food Stamps so he can control how much food you get rationed, oh its coming count on it.  Now you have über liberal Massachusetts, (RINO ROMENYS STATE) giving away gasoline.  So now they are going to try to control your ability to travel, if you depend on government for sustenance, (INDENTURED SERVANT, AKA “a Democrat Voter”).  That is once they have a major portion of the population on this program.  You better believe public transportation in  a Green Agenda is at hand!

What is the TAFDC welfare program?

The public welfare program in Massachusetts, known as Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC), is a U.S. government program that provides cash, fuel assistance, and medical assistance to needy families with dependent children to help them provide the basic necessities for their children.

This is a truncated list. I was trying to get to the bottom of the list where it mentions “Fuel Assistance”.

What other benefits will I get?

TAFDC recipients also get:

  • Health insurance: You will automatically be eligible for health insurance through MassHealth.
  • Infant expenses: If you have a newborn baby, you will be eligible for payment for a crib and baby supplies (layette). You must ask for this benefit before your baby is six months old.
  • Supplemental payments: If you are required to turn in monthly income reports and your income drops, you can get a supplemental payment that takes this change into account.

You may also be eligible for food stamps, WIC, free school meals, fuel assistance, and other programs available to low-income families.

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