Charred Christian corpses cover roads after Muslims riot about elections in Nigeria

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This is what our Transparent Democrat alleged leader of the free world,

the current Occupant of the White House is introducing to America.

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So you have to ask when is this place going to get taken over with the United Nation,s George Soros backed, Samantha Power authored, Responsibility to Protect and eventually annihilate Israel Act?   Peaceful Islam my ass!  Islam is a CULT of murderous thugs and pedophiles.  The entire religion is corrupt and so are all those that take part in it.  It is a path to foment pure hatred and in tolerance of others that do not agree with them.  And Congressman Keith Ellison and President Barack Obama think this is ok.  They look up to this alleged religion with total allegiance and stand in defense of it on a daily basis in the face of facts that it is set to destroy America.

And you can bet your last bit of HOPE and CHANGE that George Soros and those useful idiots like Mr. Gillespie, a left winger blog troll are is in the middle of this somehow somewhere. They all have their part in the destruction of America.  It is simply the ushering in for another excuse to exercise the UN faux  power as the  World Police.  The lefts trolls seem to think its all hugs and love and we all hold hands kiss and make up with these radicals.  But I relish in the fact that when it all goes to hell he and his ilk will be the first to taste the blood from the machete that whacks off his head. Taken by one of those peace loving Islamist he and the rest of the Progressives in the Left are so anxious to not piss off but to appease and give them what ever they want.  It’s an Obamanation what you see here and our President is going to let this happen to our children and Grand children.  Sure Mr. President The borders are secure.


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