The ‘Hope and Change’ ‘Sticky Note Campaign’ is growing

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Gas Pump Activism Goes Viral
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Hope and Change StickyNote Radio Interview w/ Dom Giordano

It all started with a downloadable pdf from Disrupt the Narrative to a photo shopped pic of a gas pump with a post-it note on it.  I have been captured by this idea.  That picture sparked a blog post on YourDaddy’s Politics  April 25th around 11:00 am.  I used that same image I saw the night before and by the time I got back from lunch the post had over 1500 visits to the page.  I was smiling from ear to ear.  Later that same day my wife suggested we do this at the grocery store on the next visit and she promptly proceeded to make post-it notes for the next trip.  Those are the pics you see on almost every other blog post in the list below.  Her hand writing is a celebrity.

While I was at Kroger getting all activist enthused will sticking n pixing for my Supermarket blog post she was checking Facebook to see if a Sticky Note Page existed yet.  One in fact had been started.   The official Facebook event page and we joined forces to bring this thing to the public in as big a way as we could.

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The ‘Hope and Change’ Sticky Note Campaign

I posted a link on the Facebook page to my blog and added the links to both of my blog post back to the official Facebook page. Since then I have seen the stats grow pretty good for the Facebook event attendance rate. I think a lot of people do not realize that posting a sticky note is attending the event.  Actually each sticky note you put up somewhere is attending the event, over and over again.  So you can attend and post till your heart is content or until the rest of America that is either sleeping or did not care before starts to wake up.  Anyway in 4 days I have seen this idea get some descent traction.  Below I have listed a sites that have found the campaign and in one way or another promoted it.