Osama bin Laden’s Nuclear Warheads-Beyond Wikileaks (via Ameristroika)

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Osama in Netherland

Will America see mushroom… clouds?

h/t @dmathewstewart for this ALERT. He posted an article a while back about this and it never got any real attention in the press and even my blog post was somewhat overlooked as well but it buttressed the ABC report about nukes buried all over America.  I was puzzled that they did not reference this reporters video experience he related in the video.

Osama bin Laden's Nuclear Warheads-Beyond Wikileaks CAUTION: PLEASE READ BEFORE VIEWING VIDEO :The internet was buzzing recently with Wikileaks releasing Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed’s (KSM) Gitmo file (original here).  He claimed if bin Laden was captured or assassinated he would unleash a “nuclear hell storm”

That sounds like typical terrorist clap-trap that most of us would shrug off. But why is it that no one has mentioned that Osama bin Laden met with a person that previously sold a nuclear warhead to French Journalist right after 9-11? The warhead was determined authentic by Fedor Patchenko, the ex Vice Director of the Soviet Atomic Program. …… Read More
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