TeaBaggers; A love story

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Open Wide Arianna

I replied to an ‘article‘ [sic] I saw on Huffington Post about Osama Bin Ladens death being reported in a typed banner as “Obama bin Ladin’s” death.  The report was of course from a  Fox news affiliate.  The key word here being Fox.  Do not get me wrong I am not defending Fox.  And I am not  defending the homosexuals.

What I am doing is asking the homosexual community how long they plan to put up with this double standard.  More directly put.

Attention: How long are you Neil and Bobs going to put up with this TeaBagger crap from those that ALLEGEDLY support your ‘Equal Rights” while slamming the right as homophobes, with the term “TeaBaggers”,  before you break it off in some liberal’s ass?  If the term is supposed to be denigrating then you guys / girls / ???s should be incensed to no end!

Follow the comments in the image embeded below to understand what I am trying to convey.

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