Osama gives Obama just enough rope….

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What’s at the end of Ladens Rope?

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Well I am no fan of Obama either but I think retirement at Gitmo is more what he needs.  And not for taking out that Sharia screw-head Osama Bin Laden.  Obama deserves permanent detention at Gitmo for lying his way into the White house.  Hope and Change.  Yeah We see it Obama, Now change it back.  Stop printing money to purposely devalue the dollar and crash America.  The Obama administration polices exercised through the Federal Reserve and that spineless puppet Gietner are directly responsible for high fuel prices in the USA and all the unrest in the middle east.  I have already covered that in my blog so look it up if you do not believe me.  I am not going to rehash it here again.

But its like I usecd to hear growing up, give an idiot enough rope and eventually he may hang himself.  Oh I cannot wait to hear the “You Racist” lines that will be leveled at me over this post. But you know what I don’t care.  I know my comments are not racially motivated.  I hate this MARXIST’s policies not his freaking skin color so get over it.

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