FBI: The Muslim Cult of Islam ‘an especially anti-American and violent cult’

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You can’t make this stuff up!

This is in fact about “The Nation of Islam” and not the actual orthodox “religion”, according to the FBI. I however see Islam as a way of living your life in total subservience.  It is by my understanding then a cult and not a religion.  It does not deserve the protections offered by the American Constitution according to my understanding.  Islam is in fact an anti-American Violent Cult with few members taking exceptions to the Korans insistence that the vast following it rules over participate in the extermination of Jews and infidels throughout the world until a global caliphate is established.  Clearly then the Nation of Islam as well as the Orthodox ‘pseudo’ religion are not just anti-American but anti-Western and seek to annihilate any that would stand against them.  That sounds to me more like an open ended declaration of war.

page 3

(I) The Muslim Cult of Islam — Captioned monograph has been prepared by the Central research Section at the request of Special Agents investigating this cult and should be added to your field office library and afford the usual security precautions.

As we know, though small, this is an especially anti-American and violent cult about which almost nothing is known by the average Agent, who has found it most difficult to investigate.  Therefore, you are requested to make certain that every Agent now investigating the contents of this monograph.

How do they treat their own women? Do we want to have more of this?

Obama is inviting over 200,000 refugees from the middle east over the next two years.  What I see is #SanbernadioShooting Then Repeat.

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