Obama Administration moving towards declaring “Kinetic Military Action” against Syria

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Its called WAR for all you Progressive liberal Democrats that think if you change what you call it, the people that get killed won’t mind as much

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is edging closer to calling for an end to the long rule of the Assad family in Syria.

Administration officials said Tuesday that the first step would be to say for the first time that President Bashar Assad has forfeited his legitimacy to rule, a major policy shift that would amount to a call for regime change that has questionable support in the world community……

Two administration officials said the U.S. is concerned about a prevailing perception that its response to Assad’s repression has been too soft, especially after helping usher long-time ally Hosni Mubarak out of power in Egypt and joining the international military coalition to shield civilians from attacks by Moammar Gadhafi’s forces in Libya.

Keep your eye on the ball America, this is all the road to Palestine for Obama and his Muslim buddies.  They will continue to march across the middle east under the false pretense of a Responsibility to Protect [Soros]. Constitution be damned.  As for Congress you may as well go home, as long as the Tyrant Obama keeps regulating around you, you are pointless and frankly an embarrassment to those Americans that actually do have a spine and love of country. We must remove from office the despot of what once was the greatest nation on the ace of the earth.

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