Muslims call for Islamic Caliphate while Christian Churches burn.

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Bring on the Islamic State,
and burn those Christians churches while your at it.

Posted by Milena Rodban On May – 17 – 2011

Following several nights of sectarian violence which resulted in the deaths of 12 people and the firebombing of a church in Imbaba, an estimated 50,000 people gathered at a unity rally held by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis on May 7th in Giza. Safwat Hegazy, a Salafi preacher, proclaimed that both groups share the same goal- “one caliph” and a unified Islamic state, which he declared to be imminent. He assured the Copts that they are protected under Islam, stressing that they need not seek protection from abroad.

At the rally, meant to demonstrate a united front by the two groups, Hagezy condemned the burning of the church and accused foreign entities of inciting sectarian violence, a typical reaction to episodes of violence against Copts. The burning of a church in Alexandria over New Year’s drew a similar response. Always eager to blame intervention by outside forces, the Salafis and Muslim Brotherhood have refused to address the issue of extremists within their own ranks, despite the arrests of 190 individuals from both groups, all to be tried for  involvement in the firebombing.

The Copt minority has continuously suffered since Mubarak’s resignation.  Copts have been left largely unprotected, resulting in such tragedies as Saturday’s church burning, only the latest example of violence against Christians. Recent violence against the Copts demonstrates that the revolution is far from over. It undermines the illusion that the revolution in Egypt was a secular uprising that united the diverse population around purely political and economic issues. After briefly uniting in Tahrir Square, Egypt’s population has fractured along largely religious lines since achieving the only goal that united them: the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.

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