Waiving a False Flag; From Operation Fast and Furious to al Qaeda , They are coming for your Guns America

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Sunstein’s Path to a Gun ban?

Each time on outside power steps up its rhetoric about guns and killing Americans it moves us one step closer to a fight for the salvation of our precious 2nd Amendment.
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The CIA created  al Qaeda and it set things in motion for the Patriot Act.  That was not enough power for the elite.  So once ObeyMe got selected as POTUS he appointed the racist Eric Holder as Attorney General of the US Department of In-Justice.  His cronies, using illegal gun running operations flooded the Streets of Mexico with guns in an effort, they claim was to track the flow of these weapons, until two US Agents got killed with those very guns.  It is most likely however this was set into motion to encourage the Mexican government to sue the US Gun Manufacturers and put them out of business.  This was/is a False Flag operation to overturn the 2nd Amendment.

Now we are back to using al Qaeda to waive the flag again.  Before you know it they will ban Gun shows, Gun stores and then ban bullets even. You will have to have a TSA pat down before you leave your house if you ever owned a gun at any point in your lifetime.  You think I am kidding?  Nothing would suit this president and his racist administration  more than to disarm the American people.  Tyranny works a whole lot better when the masses cannot fight back.

You think it cannot happen here in the grand ole USA? 

Think again!

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