Fort Worth, Texas HOA poisons thousands of fish to rid park of children.

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This story has an update that can be seen here. 

Lindsey Malone “My neighbor  murdered all these fish to keep the kids out of the park and the Home Owners Association was in on it and the authorities say it was private property so there is nothing they can do.”

Ms Malone claims she spoke with a Game and Wildlife rep today and that he is looking into the issue. She stated on her Facebook page that she was told if the neighbor used a licensed person and the HOA approved it, which apparently they did there is nothing she can do.

“The rest of the neighborhood is furious” she stated. “I am going to get the news involved.”

She wgoes on to explain that the HOA left the dead fish in the sun for a few days which made many residents in the neighborhood sick. “I am still sick” states Ms. Malone. “The kids are so destroyed as well. I am not letting it lie.”

Ms. Malone asked her Facebook friends for help and that lead to this blog post as well. “I may need my FB buds to make some calls once again.” “We saved Skip we can stop this too. Phone calls in numbers are so much stronger then the lone caller. You guys are the greatest too!”

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