Tea Party Leader – Fire Boehner If He Accepts Cut Compromise

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Cenk Uygur, you don’t get it.

Or do you…….?

MSNBC host Cenk Uygur speaks with Tea Party Leader Judson Phillips.

Phillips has stated that John Boehner should be fired if he accepts a compromise with the Democrats over the spending cuts to reduce the federal budget deficit . They also discuss tax cuts and revenue.

Well 2 months after this interview I think Boehner needs to be fired, still to this day.  Where is the backbone of the man the Tea Party made into the House Speaker.  If not for the Tea Party Boehner would still be the minority leader.  And these cuts turned out to be about 315 million.  Approximately 2 hours spending in Washington DC.

On a side note did you notice Cenk Uygur Mocks Bachmann over how she ask for more.  You give them $61Billon that will want $120 billion.  You give them $120 billion they will want $240 billion.  So Cenk Uygur, you prove the point of the Tea Party in your Michele mocking mumbling, you metastasized moron.  We give the unemployed 14 weeks pay the want 26 We give them 26 weeks unemployment they want 52, You give them 52 they want 99 weeks.  You give them Food Stamps and they want a free health care.  And if the democrat running for office promises more entitlements they get the vote of those that do not want to earn the American dream.  They just want the government to steal it from those of us that have earned it.   Cenk Uygur even you know this or you are just to damn arrogant to admit it.

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